1530 60A 100A 130A plazmas avots cnc plazmas griešanas mašīna, griešanas mašīna plazmas cenas, cnc tabula

Īsa informācija

Stāvoklis: Jauns
Voltage: 8.5 kw
Rated Power: 220V/380V/410V 50Hz/60
Dimension(L*W*H): 4.0X2.5X1.5 m
Weight: 1.5 T
Sertifikācija: CE ISO
Garantija: 2 gadi
Tiek nodrošināts pēcpārdošanas serviss: pieejams aizjūras trešo pušu atbalsts
Product name: Cutting Machine Plasma Prices
Max free running speed: 15000mm/min
Cutting thickness: ≤ 5mm
nesting software: FastCAM
cnc system: fangling f2300 ,f2500
plasma source: LGK series or hypertherm
drive motor: dual stepper or panasonic
rail: imported linear rail
working area: 1500x3000mm( can be customized)
gearbox: chinese made planetary gearbox or neugart



1. The machine is all welded as seamless steel structure,steady structure and long life time

2. High configuration,high cutting speed and precision

3. Auto ARC Starting,steady performance

4. Control system: DSP handset control,with USB interface

5. Cutting material: steel,copper,iron,aluminium,galvanized sheet,titanium plates,and so on.

6. File format:G-Code

7. Suitable software: artcut,Type3,ArtCAM,NCstudio,Beihang Haier.


Produkts Technical

Enerģijas avots220v  50Hz
CNC control system(option)SH2012AH-QG or DSP
Machine dimension(mm)2000x3200
Effective working area(mm)1300x2500
Z Working size30mm
Griešanas režīmsPlazma
Braukšanas režīmsBilaterial-side
Programmēšanas programmatūraFASTCAM,MTC
Plazmas griešanas biezums(60A)0.5-5mm
Precizitāte0,1 mm
softwareWentai, autocad,support G-Code
Griešanas ātrums0-8000mm / min
Machine running speed0-12000mm / min
Lāpas augstuma kontrolePneumatic (Auto)



1.What's the package?
Re:3 layers packages to protect the machine , outside:steel craft case,middle:covered by foam to protect the machine from shaking ,inside layer, covered by plastic film for waterproof.
gantry 1530 60A 100A 130A plasma source cnc plasma cutting machine, Cutting Machine Plasma Prices, cnc table

2.Will the package damaged during transportation?
Re:Our package is strong enough and considerated all the possible damage factors which is very safe to sea shipping & road transport, We are confidence for that because we have exported to 180 countries worldwide.So please don't worry,you will receive the CNC cutting machine in good condition.
gantry 1530 60A 100A 130A plasma source cnc plasma cutting machine, Cutting Machine Plasma Prices, cnc table

3.How can you guarantee the quality of my order?
Re: Our product has passed CE certificate .
We are also ISO9001 social audited factory ,and also supply the certificate as your requirement, which can ensure high quality throughout the manufacturer process .
We have professional engineers can help you solve no matter pre-sale or after sale problems , we also support engineers go abord to help for tranining of how to use these machines .